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Understanding Dementia Care Starts With Knowing the Disease

what is dementia

Understanding dementia care starts with knowing the type of dementia and the part of the brain that is affected.

Did you know that there a many different types of dementia?  Are you aware that there are over 50 different causes of dementia?

There is a growing crisis in this country. We are an aging nation that is living longer and not necessarily healthier. The goal of the aging seniors is to remain at home and live independently for as long as possible. For the first time in history, retiring seniors are providing care for aging parents as well as their own children. Called “the sandwich generation”, aging seniors are facing taking care of parents with dementia and other medical conditions.

Are you aware that a person diagnosed with dementia may live as long as 20 years after they receive the diagnosis?

When a individual receives the diagnosis, there are many things a person with dementia and their family caregiver should ask to help prepare of future care needs.  I have frequently heard many of my clients complain how frustrated with they are with the medical professionals lack of “hands on experience ” with the situations that many deal with at home. There are many that find the lack of family, community and support services frustrating.

In my FB seniors caregiver group, I frequently come across the family caregiver sharing their experiences. When I ask “What type of dementia or what part of the brain is  affected?”, the response is a generic diagnosis. They do not know what part of the brain has been affected by this horrible disease.

One of the most misdiagnosed and overlooked dementia’s is Lewy Body type of dementia.  This is the second most common type of dementia and very different, yet, similar from other dementias.  The medications that are used for other dementias have a very adverse response to a person with Lewy Body.

It became apparent to me that there is such a lack and awareness of dementia.  I decided to write a book to help understand dementia, in order to provide confident dementia care.

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