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The Stress of Caregiving

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The stress of caregiving …If you give direct or indirect care for a parent, spouse or elderly family member, you are certainly under a lot of pressure and stress. You don’t even have to live with a person to be considered a caregiver, you may be the person’s sole or primary support system. Perhaps you feel guilty because you think you aren’t doing enough, and you’re frustrated that you can’t do more.

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Can’t remember the last time you slept through the night without a call from your parent? Can’t bear to see what’s happening to your mom or dad, whose health has been failing for some time? You are not alone. Most everyone who provides major care for parents and/or a spouse experiences stress and depression. Studies show that long-term stress is not just unpleasant – it can seriously affect your health, well-being, and eventually your ability to provide care. Clearly, when you are caring for others, taking care of yourself and your needs is imperative.sick woman

Not only this, managing your stress will improve your physical and mental health to benefit yourself, your elderly loved ones, and others who depend on you. 

Sometimes the major part of stress reduction is answering the questions “What can I do” and “what are my options.” Wherever you are in this mire of caregiving, we are here to help. We here at Caregiver Relief provide emotional support and practical advise in a variety of therapeutic modalities (pastoral counseling, cargiver coaching, guided imagery, geriatric care management). This is all a part of helping you to develop a care plan specific to you and your unique situation.

In a few weeks we will be presenting a huge amount of information about stress, particularly stress management. Not only that, we go a step further and offer readers amazing tools for managing stress. These tools will be free, and they can be used right there in your own home.  

Monitor your stress levels :

Caregiver Stress Test #1 

Caregiver stress test #2

Caregiver stress test #3

Read about a personal experience with caregiver stress

Here are a few stress management techniques to use

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