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Safety Tips For Baby Boomers and Others

SAFETY FIRST sign with clipping path

Connie, in New Jersey, is writing in to share safety tips for baby boomers.

Connie writes:SAFETY FIRST sign with clipping path

I have been alarmed recently at how often seniors are targeted for purse snatching. They are also often beaten up and robbed to things that are important, such as driver’s license, social security card and health care cards. Of course, the money and the credit cards are important, but, as a senior citizen myself, I do not want my identify stolen. I also do not want to have to wait for these important papers to be replaced.

I am a senior citizen who can be considered active. I protect myself when shopping by never carrying a purse. This is not new for me, I have never carried a purse when shopping.

Here are Connie’s Safety tips:

I look for coats or jackets that have a pocket on the inside of the coat. I want to be able to close that pocket with a zipper. This is where I keep my money or credit card.

If I’m not wearing a coat I will wear pants and put those important items in my pocket, usually on the left side. I know that pick pocketing is possible so I always wear something long for a shirt or blouse to cover the pockets. A third item such as a longer vest also makes it harder to get to my things.

Another possibility is to carry a purse containing useless items but keep your valuables as I mentioned above.

I have learned to also not appear as if I am a victim. It is a mindset. Walk with confidence and look forward.


Thank you for sharing this important safety tip with us. I think many of us take it for granted until something unexpected happens.

This is a good reminder that we should be conscientious about our safety every day. Here is a link to a page of safety lists for you to use.

Diane Carbo RN