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Relaxation Guided Imagery and Visualization Techniques for You


Relaxation guided imagery and visualization techniques are vital to avoid caregiver stress and burnout.

Many caregivers neglect their own health, resulting in chronic stress and the development of serious medical conditions or even death,.

Did you, as a family caregiver, know that you do have caregiver rights?

So what are relaxation guided imagery and visualization techniques ?

Every caregiver has moment when they wish  “Calgon, take me away”.  It is common to experience  caregiver guilt , anger, frustration and even rage.  Many just wish they were somewhere else. There are many caregivers that are or become a reluctant caregiver.

Using relaxation guided imagery and visualization techniques empowers you to use your imagination and senses. This will take you to a place that will give you peace and a sense of calm.  A mind body technique utilizes incorporating all your senses. With the help of using your imagination, the mind and body connection fools your brain. When you use your senses,the mind does not identify, what is real, and what is just imagined.

Want to try Relaxation Guided Imagery and Visualization Techniques ?

Concerned this technique will work for you?  Trust me, I use it everyday and it has changed my perspective on life.

This technique allows you to imagine yourself in a peaceful setting. For the stressed out caregiver, you will find that this gives you the ability to relax, enjoy decreased stress and avoid caregiver burnout.

Incorporating these techniques into your daily life, will promote improved health and increased energy levels. It can also help you feel more in control of your emotions,  thoughts and help improve your attitude. It was also improve your sense of well-being.

Decreasing your stress levels will allow you to make less emotional and more fact based decisions.

At Aging Home Health,  we understand that you are under an incredible amount of the stress. On our  FB senior Caregiver  forum,  we lost 3 caregivers in one year. Two died and the third had 2 severe strokes. This has a serious affect on  our group dynamics. Our caregivers get to know one another, and for most, the loss of a peer is an eye opening experience.

It becomes very real, that this is something that can happen to them.

The consequences of chronic stress defeats everything that a caregiver is trying to accomplish, avoiding alternate placement. Some senior family members no longer have anyone to even advocate for them.

This Care Giver Relief  CD was developed out of concern for the caregivers. It was developed specifically for the you, the caregiver.

I hope you will incorporate stress management techniques everyday and make yourself a priority.

relaxation guided imagery and visualization techniques for caregivers