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The New Hampshire Home Care Agency Directory will have home healthcare agency listings in this state. If you need help finding in home healthcare you will find this a valuable resource.

Here at Aging Home Health Care we have first hand experience of life changing events. Because of that we have developed this website to encourage others to begin home health care planning in advance. Know what is available to people having health issues.

Young and healthy may end at any time. If that happens to someone you know they may want to browse our directory of home healthcare agencies.

New Hampshire
Home Care Agency Directory

If you need health care at home browse our directory


365 Lake Street
Bristol, NH 03222
Phone: (603) 217-0149


45 High Street #2
Nashua, NH 03060
Phone: (603) 595-4243


958 John Stark Highway
Newport, NH 03773-8609
Phone: (603) 543-6800
Toll-Free #:(603) 543-6800

IMPORTANT NOTE: These listings are provided as a service to our readers. Aging Home Health Care does not have more information on these agency. Nor is this listing an endorsement of any company. To find out more about this agency Please contact them directly. Their contact info is listed above.

Click on any active link in the directory. You will be taken to another page on our site that provides more information. You’ll find contact information for each health care agency. Contact them If you need additional questions answered.

If you know of a home health care agencies or home health care providers that should be listed here, please tell them about our Home Health Care Directory so they can list their business too!

This is free advertising for any qualified agency.

Pay it forward

We encourage our readers who have used an agency to leave feedback. This is an invaluable help to those who need help.

Getting ready brings more questions

Preparing yourself is the next necessary thing to do. Talking to an eldercare manager may help you make the transition with more informed information. He or she may have some useful advice on preparing for in home care.

Protecting both you and your health care provider is the safe and thoughtful thing to do.

Advice on preparing for in home care

We have done a lot of research to help our readers make the hard decisions they may face. Often these questions need to be answered:

What should I do?
Where should I start?
What is best for my aging parents or loved one whose health is failing?
Where can I get help?

  • You may benefit from the advice and help of an Eldercare Manager.
  • Prepare yourself and your home for in home care.
  • Home Care Agency Questionnaire 
  • Safety Precautions With Home Health Care
  • Home Care Running Smoothly 

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