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Mississippi Directory of Health Care at Home


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The Mississippi Directory of Health Care at Home (MS) is a listing of elderly home healthcare agencies in this state. If you need help finding home health care services this resource will be useful to you.

Aging Home Health Care is publishing this directory to help our readers in their effort toward home health care planning. Our readers want to age at home, they do not want to end their days in a nursing home. Our mission is to help them prepare for aging in place.

For those who have not planned for the worst the directory will help them in a last minute rush to find home care. Our lives can change in an instant, often through no fault of our own.

I have a friend whose young married daughter was hit by a drunk driver on her way to work. A head injury changed her life forever. She spent many months in a hospital where her life held in the balance. Today she requires medical attention daily, but she is living at home in an environment where she feels safe and familiar. Health care at home makes this possible for the young as well as the elderly.

If someone you care for needs this kind of help use the directory to search for information.

Directory of Health Care at Home


817 East River Place, Siite 201
Jackson, MS 39202
Hinds County
Phone: 601-352-5063

IMPORTANT NOTE: These listings are provided as a service to our readers. Aging Home Health Care does not have more information on these agency. Nor is this listing an endorsement of any company. To find out more about this agency Please contact them directly. Their contact info is listed above.

You will find that the listings that are clickable will take you to more information about that listing. The listings that are not clickable have not yet added more information about their home health care agencies.

Feel free to phone any of these agencies to have your questions answered. Phone numbers are provided above.

If you are aware of a home health care agencies or home health care providers that should be listed here, please tell them about our Home Health Care Directory so they can list their business too!

It is easy and it’s free for them to do so.

How to pay it forward

To help others who find themselves needing health care at home we encourage our readers to share their experience about an agency they have used.

Take advantage of the extensive research we have done on aging in place

Throughout this process which may have happened over months or years you will have questions. I’ve listed just a few articles that are good reading and will offer help.

Advice on preparing for in home care

We have done a lot of research to help our readers make the hard decisions they may face. Often these questions need to be answered:

What should I do?
Where should I start?
What is best for my aging parents or loved one whose health is failing?
Where can I get help?

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  • Prepare yourself and your home for in home care.
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