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Meet Tracy Lawrence, Caregiver Coach, Podcast Host Contributor


Tracy S Lawrence

Caregiver Coach

Podcast Host Contributor


Tracey S. Lawrence is the founder of Grand Family Planning LLC and bestselling author of the ground-breaking book “Dementia Sucks.” Having been primary caregiver to two parents who succumbed to dementia, Tracey has a unique perspective on the issues surrounding caregiving and the challenges of staying healthy and productive under extreme pressure.

Recognizing that millions would be facing the same struggles she had, Tracey coaches families through life transitions and health crises. She is developing family-caregiver-supportive corporate programs for businesses seeking better employee attraction and retention.

Her Family Care Survival Course is designed for the adult children of aging parents and it’s available for on-demand learning on the Udemy platform. Tracey’s commitment to raising awareness of the growing family caregiving epidemic drives her business and her professional speaking and training programs.

My current focus is on adult children of aging parents who are working. I’ve created a FB group for them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/goodkidsclub

Join Tracy on our Changing of the Guard weekly podcasts.

“I would love to talk about how families need to evolve in their roles over time. Children grow up and have to become adults, not just “in the world,” but in the way their families regard them.”