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Meet Betsy Wurzel, Dementia Care Specialist, Caregiver Coach


Betsy Wurzel

Dementia Care Specialist, Caregiver Coach, Podcast Host

Betsy is a former LPN, a Teacher’s Aide and has worked in retail.

She became a caregiver for her mother in law who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Later, her husband Matt was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease. While caring for her husband, Betsy also was a mother ad caregiver to her son, Josh, who has special needs.

It was during her caregiving journey while caring for her husband, Betsy found her power and voice.

She started  # Kickalzheimersassmovement group on Facebook.

Betsy feels no one should never walk alone during their caregiving neither journey nor after their journey ends.

She has shared her vision and passion on her own podcast, Chatting with Betsy on Passionate World Talk Radio,which can be found on your favorite podcast networks.

Betsy’s mission and vision is to help others.

“I want caregivers to know they can not only survive caregiving but thrive during caregiving!”

Betsy has received a nomination from the Dementia Spotlight Super Hero Caregiver Award for 2021. She is a true Super Hero in our hearts.

Betsy has joined our team at www.caregiverrelief.com to share her passion and support caregivers.