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Family Caregivers Need and Want Medication Training

Medication Training

When polled, family caregivers want more education including: medication training, wound care and navigating the health care delivery system.

In an effort to keep the aging senior in their home, the family caregiver, has taken on professional nursing tasks.   There are many issues that face the caregiver, but the one that most caregivers  feel concerned about is giving medications and medical treatments.

Did you know…

– that aging seniors between the ages of 60 to 70 years old , have on average, 14 prescriptions they take. As a person gets in to their 80’s, that number increases to 18 prescriptions a year?

– the senior population is only about 14% of the population, is responsible for 45% of all prescriptions written and for over 35% of the over the counter medications purchased?

– that it is rare that the primary care doctor reviews all the medications and discusses with the patient or family caregiver on what can be discontinued or dosage lowered. There are many seniors out there taking unnecessary medications?

– that there are over 35,000 seniors that sustain hip fractures because of responses to medications?

– that 28% of all emergency admissions to the hospital is due to adverse reactions or patient non compliance?

– that the senior family caregiver is the foundation of the long term care provided in this country?

– that three out of four senior family caregivers provide where assisting with medication management and making sure the medications were taken properly. Many are also giving injections , and even IV medications.

Many family caregivers find themselves in situations that would make a student nurse shake in his/ her boots before getting some clinical experience and education. In fact, nurses are taught to see one, do one and then teach one.

The poll for caregivers was completed, it was discovered that 61% of senior caregivers have taught themselves about the medications and how to dispense them.

There is a growing crisis in the country. Family caregivers need and deserve support with medications. For help to bridge that gap, we recommend  Medication Training For the Family Caregiver :