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Healthy Aging and Medical Recalls

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What do healthy Health.aging and medical recalls have in common? An educated consumer.


If you care for someone that suffers from dementia, there’s something you ought to know. Both caregivers and doctors work tirelessly to promote healthy aging and positive life-experiences for those with dementia. While dementia cannot be cured, it is still very important for many to stay on a variety of prescriptions to keep their bodies as healthy as possible. Sometimes with prescriptions, however, come side effects that can actually diminish quality of life. These side effects are often unclear if they are a natural reaction, or one that seeks greater research and care.

To help shed more light on this subject, The FDA is continually issuing warnings and recalls for drugs and medical devices that affect thousands of unknowing dementia sufferers every day. Prescriptions like Lipitor and Actos, for example, are drugs that are used by a wide variety of people, including dementia patients, that need to be at the forefront of knowledge when the Food & Drug Administration has a valuable finding on their side effects. However, with the frequent pace of new information and complicated explanations from the FDA, it can be overwhelming and unrealistic to find trustworthy information in one place. The American Recall Center recognizes this problem and aims to make information easier to find.

Part of healthy aging is finding time for the activities that are most important to finding happiness. Sifting through the Internet for trusted and straightforward resources isn’t one of those activities. That’s why The American Recall Center was created, to make having a reliable source of information easier. By building a comprehensive resource on the Internet for consumer-related healthcare topics, patients can have the knowledge they need about their health in one easy-to-find place. Stay current with The American Recall Center and not only will you timely information about medications and medical devices, but you will have more time to enjoy life with the ones that need your help and information most.