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The Importance of Staying Current with Medical Recalls

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Medical recalls occur everyday.  As the caregiver of a senior citizen, you should have every opportunity to celebrate their golden years. To help ensure the most active, and healthiest lives possible, we turn to doctors for care and procedures to stay in top shape. And while the doctors have our elders’ best interests in mind, sometimes the prescriptions given and devices implanted can have major side effects and manufacturing defects that can hinder their abilities.

Medicine word cloud 3d render

Take, for example, a variety of major hip replacements currently on the market. While the intent was to increase the quality of life for a senior’s golden years, certain models may be doing the exact opposite. And if they’ve had hip replacement and are beginning to feel pain in the joint once again, how can they be sure it’s not a natural side effect, or if they need to visit once again with their doctor? This information can be incredibly difficult to find, as it’s currently spread all over the Internet throughout a variety of sources.

This also applies for prescription medications. The FDA is continually working to make sure the things we put in our bodies are as safe as possible, which means that there are many recalls and warnings about these medications. And while their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, their descriptions and breakdowns of how this can affect the average consumer are often filled with jargon and difficult to understand. That’s why The American Recall Center was created, to make this information easy to find and understand how it affects the body.

It’s up to you to have all the knowledge possible to protect the health of those you care for, both before they see a doctor and after they receive care. As a medical writer, I know how difficult it can be to keep track of the FDA’s latest warnings and recalls, that’s why I’ve set out to make it easier. With The American Recall Center, we are building a comprehensive resource on the Internet for consumer-related healthcare topics, broken down in straightforward terms, so you can easily access the information you need.