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Do You Have a Medicaid Waiver Program in Your Area?

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What is a Medicaid waiver?Senior - youth to old age

A person that qualifies for Medicaid may also qualify for a Medicaid waiver program in your area. This is a program that “waives,” or sets aside, certain requirements and financial commitments of Medicaid. This is a program created that was created to save the government money of placing people in a nursing home and allow them to remain in their home of community.   This type of waiver provides services to people who would otherwise be in a nursing home or assisted lving. Medicaid usually cannot cover these services. Medicaid waivers help you stay at home instead of going into a nursing home or hospital. They can also shorten your stay in a nursing home. This is a federal program that each state can develop. The funds fro this type of program is shared then by the state and the federal government.

These programs, depending on your location, may pay your family member to provide that care in your home.

What services are available through waiver programs?

The services that are available will  depend on the state where you live. In some states it may even be broken down to the county in the state,  you live in. Medicaid waivers can provide a variety of services ranging for nursing care, personal care, adult day care, and respite care. It is important that families be aware that Medicaid coverage for skilled nursing benefits for home care will most likely be very limited. Respite care services will be limited as well.

In some areas, family members may be paid to providing care for their family member. Call your local Department of Aging or visit the US Department of Health and Human Services  the Administration fro Community Living.  Qualifying for a Medicaid Waiver Program requires that you must be medically and financially eligible for Medicaid to qualify.

Here is a link to Medicaid.gov to learn more