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Frustrated over Lack of Community Services

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Barry, in Northern Va. writes in about the lack of community servicesSmall Service

Our government is still stuck on stupid!

We’ve recently moved from south Florida to the Washington, DC area.

My mother-in-law had to remain to Florida.

The cost for assisted living in the Washington DC area is significantly higher. We are unable to pitch in financially at a greater rate than we do now!

Her Social Security disqualify s her from Medicaid but she receives the VA  Aid and Attendance benefit.

She is also eligible for Section 8 which rhymes with WAIT!!!

There is a senior subsidized housing community 2 blocks from our home, but if she were to move in there, it’s goodbye to the VA benefit.

WHAT HAPPENED TO AGING-IN-PLACE? We’re told she must be totally bedridden to received the VA benefit in an independent living scenario. The programs that do cover people, are so screwed up, ineffective and inefficient.It is sad to realize the Lack of community services and more are being cut everyday in this economy.

These programs should subsidize, not limit ALF rates for providers who will not participate since they are forced to accept a ridiculous monthly rate of say $1150 dollars a month and commit to taking no more than that amount.

The program would help far more if it was coordinated with the other benefits our disabled seniors would qualify for.

Aside from being the only western nation that does not provide health coverage to all, we basically are telling the elderly to just DIE!


I do not usually respond to posts that do not leave an email address. Today I am making an exception.

I hope that you will check back and read this response.

There is something that you said that just did not ring true in your message and I thought that I would point it out to you.

No one can be in an independent living situation if they are bedridden. So you have been misinformed.

I suggest that you contact Deb Burak, at http://veteranaid.org

To qualify financially for Aid & Attendance, applicants must have on average less than $80K in assets, EXCLUDING home & vehicles.

There is a pension fund that goes along with this.

Please let me know if this was helpful.

Diane Carbo RN