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Journaling for Caregivers

journal of alzheimers disease

There are many reasons for journaling for caregivers. In fact, creating a diary … to deal with emotions… and changes in physical and cognitive changes would be beneficial

Caregivers go through a range of emotions from joy to anger and resentment and back again. it is not unusual to have conflicting emotions. Social isolation and feelings of loneliness  are common feelings… experienced by family care partners. Keeping a journal would allow you to express your feelings. And act as a format for working through many uncomfortable issues.

Journaling for caregivers allows you to help make sense of the feelings. This is a safe way to avoid the negative consequences of hiding feelings. Also can identify feelings causing chronic stress.journal of alzheimers disease

Journaling can be a very positive thing for your family member to do. If they are at a stage of dementia where they are still able to express themselves, encourage them to do so. Baby boomers are writing. Some are doing regular video journaling about their experience living with dementia.

As dementia progresses, keeping a journal of physical, cognitive and medical changes.

A journal of medications:

  • Prescribed
  • Discontinued
  • Tried and not effective may be very beneficial to the treatment team.

Journaling about the:

  • Changes in behaviors
  • Records of falls
  • Medical events can help you remember things when under stress.
  • Important medical events such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s),
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in moods or behaviors.

You may want to create a section that addresses questions you may want to ask the doctor at the next visit.  This journal  may be a source to refer to in an emergency situation.

Journaling for caregivers is important. Try to make it a priority each day, in the morning before your day starts.

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