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A Guide to Home Care Services Vital Resource

guide to home health care services
guide to home health care services

So many of my clients were looking for a guide to home care services. There are so many concerns, fears and uncertainty when  family caregivers need help inside the home. Caregivers must deal with a reluctant aging senior and unpredictable lifestyle.

Between the caregiver guilt  and stress, caregivers often find themselves second guessing if they should have help in the home. It is important for care givers to understand that they have a right to have a life of their own.

It is difficult to have a stranger in the home for many.

I have developed this book to help the family caregiver feel empowered to make the right decisions.


Here is one caregivers story of in home health care:

Mom and I met our aid “Iris” in 2005 when mom first got sick and she was the shower girl for Senior home care inc here in Fla. After mom got somewhat better, the agency visits stopped and Iris started coming over here 2X a week to give mom a shower as her private aid. Thank God for this woman she helps me so much. She understands when I am feeling so out of sorts and sleepy from tending to mom. She was here on Wed and steam cleaned our rugs for mom and I . She helps to keep our house clean as i am just not able to do chemicals with COPD. She also give me hour long massages once a week and baby sits mom so I can go shopping or to a movie or to my Recovery meetings. She has a keys to our home and has saved my life several times and put me in an ambulance. When mom was so sick in Nov, she sat with her round the clock and fed her etc. I know god sent her here and we can not mange with out her.Every one needs an Iris!