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Eldercare Manager and Eldercare Consultant Their Job is to Help You Age at Home


interview (1)An eldercare manager or eldercare consultant or a geriatric care manager can assist the family and become the coordinator for the care and services as the needs of your loved one changes. There are community and volunteer services, different levels of home care, home modifications, and legal and financial needs they can coordinate to achieve the goals and wishes of the aging adult.

Aging successfully at home does come with a variety of difficult decisions in all areas of life. The eldercare manager or eldercare consultant can:

  • manage chronic medical and mental health conditions
  • guide you through proper financial or estate planning
  • Explain and assist in getting a written advanced healthcare directive
  • guide you through choosing a financial and health power of attorney, guardian or conservator.

Without their assistance and support, these tasks can leave you and your family feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lost in the health care delivery maze. Your eldercare manager or eldercare consultant will assist in helping find and evaluate all your options available to you, so that you may make an educated decision on the choice that is best for you.

Advocates for aging successfully at home, their services provide continuity of care and assists you in navigating the complex medical and community service systems. This allowing you and your family to explore all options and assure there is quality and consistency on the care that you receive.


Aging successfully, aging gracefully, takes planning and forethought. Many ignore the aging process and wait until a crisis occurs. The services, that an eldercare manager or eldercare consultant provides, gives you peace of mind that your plans for the future are in place and someone will advocate your wishes be honored.


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