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Directory of Home Health Care in Kentucky


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Directory of Home Health Care in Kentucky (KY) is a listing of home healthcare agencies in this state. If you need help finding home health care services you will find this a valuable resource.

Aging Home Health Care is publishing this directory to help visitors in their effort toward home health care planning. Our readers want to age at home, otherwise known as aging in place. Our mission is to help them prepare.
We see the health care system in the United States in flux. We also hear rumors of death panels making decisions on who will and will not be qualified for care. Time will tell if these rumors are just that, rumors. It definitely brings home to many the fact that we need to make our own plans. DO NOT rely on the government to take care of you.
Take responsibility to improve your health through diet and exercise. Quit smoking or consuming other things that are know to destroy health, shorten life and may require enduring painful procedures. Aging and exercise leads to healthier aging as well as aging in place.

In the event you or someone you care about is in need of home health care services browse our directory.


Directory of Home Health Care
in Kentucky


211 South Cherry Street
Greenville, KY 42345
Muhlenberg County
Phone: 270-338-8348


9000 Wessex Place, Suite 100 #1
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: 502-429-4550



IMPORTANT NOTE: These listings are provided as a service to our readers. Aging Home Health Care does not have more information on these agency. Nor is this listing an endorsement of any company. To find out more about this agency Please contact them directly. Their contact info is listed above.

Clicking on active links in the directory will take to an area where more information can be found on that particular agency.

You will find contact information for each health care agency. Contact them If you need additional questions answered.

Agencies that are not active listings have not added information yet. You will however, still have their phone number and address to contact them.
If you know of a home health care agencies or elderly home healthcare providers that should be listed here, please tell them about our Home Health Care Directory so they can list their business too!

This is a way to pay it forward to others who may have helped you in the past in some way.

Another way to pay it forward is to leave feedback if you have had experience with in home care agencies.

We have done a lot of research to help make our readers aware of things they may face. We have provided information that will help them make decisions over the years as well.

Often these questions need to be answered:

How can I find the help I need for myself?
What is best for my aging parents or loved one whose health is failing?
What should I do?

  • You might benefit from the advice and help of an Eldercare Manager.
  • Prepare yourself and your home for in home care.

How to prepare for in home health care

What are some of the things you can do to prepare yourself to welcome a stranger(for now) into your home? Here are some important steps to make yourself and your home ready for in home care.

  • You may benefit from the advice and help of an Eldercare Manager.
  • Prepare yourself and your home for in home care.
  • Home Care Agency Questionnaire 
  • Safety Precautions With Home Health Care
  • Home Care Running Smoothly 

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