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Dementia Activity Ideas and Communication Tips Continued

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Successful Dementia Activity Ideas and Communication Tips begin with practicing mindfulness. This is a practice when you take the time to put yourself in the other person shoes. When providing care for someone with dementia, the caregiver should consider what  it must be like for their family member. Try to understand what it must be like to not be able to do simple acts, like dressing or paying the bills. Add to that, the frustration that a person may feel , because the have an awareness that they must struggle to do the smallest task.

Many  of primary caregivers, in time, get distressed and frustrated and begin to lose patience. Providing care begins to seem like an overwhelming chore, instead of an act of love.  If  you begin to feel overwhelmed, it can be care partner burnout. Providing activities  can help eliminate of avoid caregiver stress and burnout.

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It is important in the early stages of dementia it is important to start to make the home as safe as possible for your family member, as the disease progresses. It also makes life easier for you, the family caregiver, knowing that the environment is safe. So take time to “Baby Proof” the environment, while in the early stages of dementia.

dementia activity ideaLock up medicines, contaminants or cleaning items, or various other fluid (or ingestible solids) your family member with dementia could mistake for food and may eat. Products that appear to look like food or appear similar  to something they may eat, might be unsafe, as a family member with dementia that is acting out of routine or repeatedly putting things in their mouth, may eat something harmful to them.

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Observe for mental status changes

It is vital, as a family caregiver, understand you too, are grieving the loss of your family member . It is really vital for the family caregiver to be aware of any modifications in their own mental, physical and emotional well being, as well as that of the dementia patient. Look for assistance and aid when you observe mental changes, on any level.

Realize that as a family caregiver, you should never depend totally on your own abilities to provide everything your relative requires. No individual can “do it all” and nobody knows everything. Do not be frightened to utilize resources apart from your own understanding base and experiences to help with your dementia home care. That’s why we’re here for you! You could be encumbered  with the bulk of the care and obligation, however you do have resources. Profit from them.

We hope these ideas, strategies, and approaches have actually served in your effort to help you offer dementia home care with self-confidence. Please take some time and enjoy the advantages www.caregiverrelief.com

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