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CareGiver Relief Includes Stress Management


Caregiver Relief is respite care to most. Stress management is daily respite care for the family caregiver. There are many different responses to caring for a family member. Chronic stress for some can turn into anger and abuse at the very person you are providing care for everyday.  Others, neglect their own health, become socially isolated and experience daily guilt.

What are the causes of  caregiver stress?

Caregiver stress could be created by anything that needs you to change or modify your environment or daily routine. Trying to meet the needs of another and providing care for them is a typical source of anxiety  and stress for many  individuals.

Do you suffer from caregiver stress?  Here is a test for you to check your caregiver stress level.

Do you know the signs and symptoms of stress and burnout?   Your body sends messages to you tell you have stress. The messages of stress will exhibit in physical, psychological or emotional, and behavioral changes.

Caregiver relief includes stress management.

Psychological/emotional indications:

  • Increase in angry outbursts
  • Lack of ability to focus.
  • Unnecessary worry and fear.
  • Feelings of hopelessness and crying .
  • Experiencing  mood swings.

Body indications:

Stooped stance.
Perspiring hands.
Neck discomfort.
Persistent pain in the back.
Persistent exhaustion.
Weight gain or loss.
Trouble with sleeping.

Behavioral signs:

Experiencing panic attacks
Acting on impulse.
Using alcoholic beverages or medicines as a crutch to get through the day.
Becoming socially isolated.
Changing jobs frequently.

Caregiver Relief – A Stress Management Guide was written out of concern for the many caregivers that I work with everyday. My friend and family caregiver, Judy Morton and I run a Seniors Caregiver forum on Facebook. The past year we have lost three family caregivers. All passed before the family member they were caring for did. Another caregiver, a spouse, ignored all her symptoms, and she had a stroke. In fact, the first stroke was very minor, so she continued on the same path. A few weeks later, she survived a severe stroke. She is no longer able to continue to provide care. Everything she tried to prevent: admission to an alternative setting, being separated from her husband occurred.

Caregiver Relief – A Stress Management Guide provides you with the tools you need to successfully manage your stress and anxiety.

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Caregiver Relief: A Stress Management Guide


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