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Care Giving articles of on a variety of different topics on aging and care giving.Look for a solution to your questions here.



Baby Boomers as Caregivers
Baby boomers are becoming the caregivers of today due to the fact that they have parents that are living longer and healthier lives.

The Family Meeting and Communication.
Family communication and eldercare, dealing with family dynamics.

Communicating with Alzheimer’s Dementia Patients
As the aging senior progress through the stages of Alzheimer’s dementia, their communication skills erode. Alzheimer’s caregiver’s will need to investigate and try different communication techniques in order to communicate with the aging senior.

Caregiver Stress
Understanding caregiver stress and how to deal with it is important to making aging in place possible.

More Caregiving Articles

Home Safety Checklists

Here are various checklist for you to download to make sure your home is safe for aging in place.

Aging Baby Boomers
Aging baby boomers are caring for aging parents. Many older seniors do not want or feel comfortable relying on strangers.

medicade_secrets_2010-1 (2)Baby Boomer Generation Some of us from the baby boomer generation are caring for aging parents, a growing family and working. Studies show that family caregivers loose 75% of their earning potential for every year that they are out of the work force.

Setting up In Home Health Care ? What’s next?

Now that in home care is set up, you will take on the role of overseeing or managing the senior home care. You may be a long distance care giver or a live in the same neighborhood as the aging senior. You may even be the spouse or a live in family care giver.

Resource Directory for care giver needs

The Resource Directory was developed to help care givers /care partners to find information and checklists on important topics. Many of the content in these resources are the result of primary caregivers asking for this information.

 Home Health Care Notebook