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Reasonable contract amount for daily care by family care giver?


by Deborah
(Pendleton, KY)

I would like to write a contract as a family caregiver to an elderly relative with whom I live. What is a fair amount to request for daily assisting an elderly relative and living in their home while providing care? (My two siblings do not live in the same home with relative as I do and do not provide daily care.)


Every year, Genworth Financial releases their yearly Cost of Care Long Term Care Survey.

Met Life has one as well.

Both organizations break the cost of care down for long term care according to state, and sometimes cites in that state.

The categories are also broken down according to the level of service.

If you are preparing a family care giver contract, you are not only providing hands on aide services, you are coordinating care as well.

Make sure you put in case management services a few hours every month as well.

I would suggest that you go online and download a copy of the 2009 long term care studies and start a file.

Every year, in January, when the new studies come out, as the rates change, your rates on the contract should, as well.

Keep a copy of each new years study, in a file, for future reference.

Uninvolved family members may need to see proof of the cost of services in your area.

They will not be able to argue with these extensive and comprehensive studies.

You should be paid what is the going rate for your area.

Please do not forget to include vacation time and limits as far as the care you will provide in your family care giver contract.

If you need time for your own family, make sure you are very specific as, to what you can and cannot do, the time you will be able to provide care and the time you will need to be with your own family.

Having these things in writing makes it easier when every one understands the expectations and boundaries of the other.

If you are working on spending down 
for Medicaid,you may want to look at this section.

I am here to educate care givers on how to take care and protect themselves as they provide care for others. So many begin the care giving journey with such good intentions, only to be financially, emotionally, and medically devastated.

I want to help you, to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of your family member.

Thank you for this question.