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Aging and Becoming Invisible? No Way! What Are You Doing?

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Are you aging and becoming invisible? I had  once had a man my age tell me,  that women “of a certain age” were invisible!  I really was taken aback by that statement, but, realized that many women feel that way.

I know that “older men” do not feel as if they are getting old or even “looking old”. I am not talking about a woman attracting a man. I am referring to the media out there that photo shops pictures of women, young and old, to make every body appear to be flawless. I will tell you now, those bodies do not really exist.

As an aging female, you may already know that. I realize that Hollywood has pushed looking young so hard down our throats, that even a tiny wrinkle can cause a woman to have lower self esteem and feel less attractive. There is a 500% increase in plastic surgery over just the past few years.

Hey, I am all for plastic surgery if it makes you feel better about yourself. But, let me tell you, I have long since learned that it is what underneath that counts. Senior women over the age of 50 are the backbone of this society. After raising children and focusing on family, women are now looking for personal fulfillment.

As a boomer myself, I know that there are many out there that have experienced loss of loved ones, surviving cancer or some other medical condition. There are many women out there that are walking medical miracles. We are also the first generation to face caring for our aging parents when we retire.

There are many grand parents out there that are raising their grandchildren. We are baby boomers and we are trend setters.  There are things we can do to change how our culture views the aging female.  I believe we have an obligation to show that getting old is not for sissies and beauty is not just youthful looking skin and wrinkle free body. It is time we redefine beauty.

I personally  have decided to be a “Glitter Goddess”.   I have started 2 online sites to help seniors remain in their homes as they age. I go to the gym and work out, even though I have chronic pain in my back. And, I allow myself to be silly and make others laugh. I believe that there are things we can do as women, aging and becoming invisible, to change that: We are an aging culture, living longer, but not necessarily healthier.

Maintaining fitness slows that aging process and is also a great way to slow or prevent cognitive decline. I just did a 5K and it was amazing to see the senior females that were out there and running, walking and jogging.  It was such a wonderful experience to get out and meet others along that way. Stop being negative. Hey, no one wants to be around a cranky old lady. Learn to live mindfully and in the moment.

The past is over, we cannot get it back. The future is just a promise. Take time to involve your 5 senses when you are feeling negative. Just by taking a deep breath, you relax. Notice what is sign on in your surroundings, it will change you thought process. Show an interest in other people.

As we get older, the physical and emotional pain of life has drained us. I know, from personal experience that it is hard to find joy in life at times. I have learned ,that if I take the focus off myself, and  show an interest in others, my pain is less. I find that while I was learning about others, I actually allowed myself to have moments of enjoyment.

One of the problems many aging females have, is many have a hard time voicing their own opinion, or speaking up for themselves. This leads to feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem. Sometimes we just need to let someone know we have feelings and an opinion to feel freer. Of course, stay up on current events.

That will make conversations easier to start. You will be able to voice an opinion and let others know, you have a youthful mind! It is important that we also be courteous and maintain eye contact so people take us seriously. Of course, take time to dress nice everyday. Try not to go out and look like a bag lady when you go out. Hey, I do not wear make up every time I go out.

aging and becoming invisible


And, Lord knows, I have been guilty of wearing sweatpants to run to the store. I think as we age, we really must make ourselves feel good. Getting up and dressed and putting make up on, makes me feel good . Keep a sense of humor.

I am a female that loves to have fun, but never at the expense of others. So, I do silly things that make other laugh. Most of all, I can laugh at myself. So what are you doing to change the perception of the invisible aging female? 


I’ve created this  page to encourage other aging females share what they are doing to change the way the aging female is seen…


Have a story to tell about feeling invisible?  Have you started a new business ? written a book? created a new product?  Tired of not being listened to? Of not getting your point across? Are you a senior athlete?   A senior female that has overcome some obstacles such as losing weight to improve your health?

Now is your chance to have your say. Share your unique point of view!
Want to express yourself? Do it here!
You’re probably not alone–your personal experience could resonate with other readers on this site.
Share your stories, ask your questions, rant, rave or stomp your feet! No profanity or flames please this is a Family Friendly site. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!
You don’t need to be a professional writer – all you need is the desire to share an experience or ask others for help with a situation or question.  I love to hear stories of how you feel.
Do you feel invisible?
  So, please, share a few pictures of yourself or a you and your freinds. Here are a few things you should know about sharing with Aginginplace.com :
If you are sharing a story, please make it about your thoughts, feelings and or experiences of feeling invisible or things you are doing to change the perceptions of those around us. Remember, sharing your experience will help others with similar situations.
When it comes to a question, a little bit of information about your situation would be most helpful. You do not have to follow the amount of content rule.
Here’s what we would not publish: No affiliate or commercial links please, no thinly disguised advertorials, no stories that have been published elsewhere, and no sales pitches for products or businesses. I’ve let a few through in the past – those links will be deleted in the coming weeks so please don’t bother sending any more in.
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The rest of us can’t wait to read your post.  

I’ve been receiving emails that have made me recognize the need to generate an area for caregivers and aging baby boomers to express themselves. Are you an aging baby boomer with questions and concerns about aging in place or aging in general? Are you a family caregiver needing support and a place to vent? Are you a family member that needs information on how to advocate for the aging senior in your life? Feel free to ask the experts! We are here for you. NO question is off base.
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