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Understanding the Early Stages of Dementia Book

understanding the early stages of dementia
understanding the early stages of dementia

Understanding the early stages of dementia will be approached differently by each newly diagnosed dementia patient and their family members. There are over 200 types of dementia and some individuals may experience several different types of dementia over time.

Billions of dollars have been spent on seeking a treatment to cure dementia, particularly the Alzheimer’s kind of dementia.While the  professional companies have actually done wonderful things to increase awareness and raise money to help fund that study. The downside is that hardly any of that money raised , however, has been invested on looking into just how to provide care for a person with dementia. The sad reality is, and there is presently no cure for dementia and most likely not something we will see in the near future.

Research studies show that there are two kinds of family caregivers/care companions. The studies  have revealed that the family caregiver/care companion that has problems or difficulty to adapting tones challenges of providing care will have a negative impact and experience even more challenging or negative behaviors from the dementia patient.

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Understanding the early stages of dementia
Understanding the early stages of dementia


The family caregiver never really understands what they have ahead of them on their caregiving journey. Many caregivers find that caregiving entails much more time, energy and commitment than they originally thought. Many find they are doing things they do not want to do or feel uncomfortable preforming.

It is so important for the person providing care for somebody with dementia to be knowledgeable about  just how much their feelings and emotions play into exactly how the dementia patient will react.  If you have a calm demeanor and can continue to be positive, feel prepared and confident, the dementia patient will respond to your emotions.

With the globally aging populace increasing yearly, we have a severe dilemma on our hands – how to provide quality dementia care to our relative/s. The “baby boomer” generation has been, and will certainly remain to be, trend setters. We are the generation that will develop the criteria for dementia care at home and in alternative settings.

This book was written to enable you  to start your caregiving/care partnering journey with confidence and knowledge of what may be in the future.  Discover – you are not alone. There are other caregivers that have already walked your course.  This book was written with a desire to share exactly what you need to know and understand to assist you. THe goals are to make your journey less difficult so that you can preserve a feeling of calm,avoid caregiver burnout, and a favorable mindset.

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