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Emeritus Senior Living: Response to Frontline Story- Part 3

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Emeritus Senior Living and their response to the Frontline story;

I thought that it is only fair that I share with you the response by Granger Cobb, President and CEO of Emeritus Senior Living to his stockholders and staff.

First, let’s learn about Mr Cobb:

Mr. Granger Cobb has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of Emeritus Corp. since January 13, 2011 and September 2007 respectively. Mr. Cobb served as a Co-Chief Executive Officer of Emeritus from September 2007 to January 13, 2011. Mr. Cobb served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Summerville Senior Living Inc. since 2000. He joined Summerville Senior Living Inc. in 1998. He has proven approach for improving customer satisfaction, quality metrics, occupancy and operating margins across wide variety of senior residential and assisted living models and he has overseen Summerville Senior Living Inc.’s growth to among the largest assisted living operators in the country. Mr. Cobb has over 21 years of senior management experience in the senior residential, assisted living and skilled nursing industries. He served as the Chairman of the Board at Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA). He serves as a Director of Assisted Living Federation of America. He has been a Director at Emeritus Corp. since September 2007. He is active in several industry associations, including serving on the boards of the National Investors Center (NIC), and chairing the California Assisted Living Association’s (CALA) political action committee.

From Bloomberg Business week

Salary $750,000
Bonus $511,875
Total Annual Compensation $1,261,875
Age Total Calculated Compensation This person is connected to 27 board members in 2 different organizations across 2 different industries.See Board Relationships
52 $4,281,216




Subject: Frontline Broadcast

From: Granger Cobb

Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 3:35 PM

As many of you are aware, Frontline will be airing a story on the assisted living industry on July 30. The title of the program is “Life and Death in Assisted Living.” As the largest assisted living provider, Emeritus Senior Living is going to be featured in the story; however, this is an attack on our entire senior living industry. We believe Frontline is using the isolated incidents in this story to promote stricter and more nationalized regulation for the industry and to suggest that for-profit corporations and caring for seniors are somehow incompatible.

In the hopes that we present a united front, I have attached materials that include key industry messages developed with input from experts at ALFA and ASHA as well as our own team. To ensure the public remains confident about residing in or having their loved ones reside in assisted living, it is critical that we present a consistent message.

Please take a moment to read the attached, modify as you see fit, and share with your teams as appropriate. We are trying to balance the need to prepare staff, without drawing more attention to the story than it might otherwise garner on its own. As an industry, we care for one of the most fragile populations in society. We need to get our message across – that assisted living fills a consumer driven niche by creating a place where seniors can retain their independence, dignity, and quality of life, while having access to care and assistance as needed. We know that residents in assisted living communities have a satisfaction rate of greater than 90 percent. This is the message we need to be telling – that, as an industry, we care for more than 1 million seniors, providing them with the resources to lead purposeful, fulfilling lives and that we accomplish this with a very high degree of customer satisfaction.

I have received messages of support from many of you regarding this story, for which I am deeply appreciative. I am convinced that if we stand together, we can successfully counter the picture Frontline is trying to portray of our industry and tell the wonderful stories of compassion and nurturing our residents experience every single day.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Frontline story, I encourage you to contact me. Thanks for your support.


Granger Cobb– President & CEO

Emeritus Senior Living | 3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 500 | Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 298-2909 | Fax: (206) 204-1547 | [email protected] | www.emeritus.com

Our Family is Committed to Yours.®

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I think it is also important to post the salaries of other positions in the Emeritus Family

Emeritus Senior Living Salaries

Sort:  Most Salaries Highest Paying  Lowest Paying
Updated Jul 27, 2013
Salaries in USD  United States Avg. Salary
Executive Director15 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $67,267
Resident Assistant – Hourly9 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $9.46/hr
Dining Services Director – Hourly6 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $17.76/hr
COMMUNITY RELATIONS DIRECTOR6 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $44,333
Residential Assistant – Hourly3 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $9.67/hr
Staff Accountant3 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $44,000
Wellness Coordinator – Hourly3 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $11.75/hr
Nurse Aide – Hourly3 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $9.50/hr
Community Relations Coordinator3 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $37,667
Maintenance Director – Hourly2 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $13.96/hr
Business Office Director2 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $29,791
Lpn – Hourly2 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $19.18/hr
Regional Director of Sales and Marketing2 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $80,447
Resident Assistant-CNA – Hourly2 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $9.98/hr
RCD2 Emeritus Senior Living Salaries $58,475
Salaries in USD  United States
Salaries: 115 of 44 Job Titles

Click here to read the ALFA response

I must say, that after reviewing the salaries of the front line staff and the compensation of just one of the corporate administration, I think  there is room for some budget shifting to improve the level of education of staff. A memory care unit in an Assisted Living Facility cannot be a social based model. With dementia, comes issues with challenging behaviors, balance disorders, nutritional status concerns. Eight hours of training of non medical staff is not adequate. When two thirds of individuals in Assisted LIving have a form of dementia, as well as many other medical conditions and ailments common to seniors, it is time that regulations and government oversight be initiated, just like nursing homes.

Tomorrow, I will share my thoughts on the changes that need to occur in the industry.The future of Assisted living is in our hands