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Home Health Care Products For Aging In Place

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Home health care products help to promote independence and freedom for many aging individuals. Successful aging allows an individual to remain as independent for as long as possible.Choosing the right health care product for home use begins with assessing the needs of the individual. The purpose of many products is to bridge the gap from what the aging senior is presently able to do and what they are presently capable of doing. These are known as assistive devices. There are a wide variety of home heath care products out there. Take time to learn what is available.

Most seniors want to have the comfort of being surrounded with familiar belongings as well as maintain their privacy. The majority of seniors plan on aging in place.

So it is important to be aware of changing health conditions so that you can make adjustments to the environment to allow the aging senior to maintain a sense of freedom and independence.

The first steps

The first step to assessing your aging senior is to assess their basic needs. It is important to allow an individual to do as much as possible for themselves. Sometimes this takes an incredible amount of patience on the caregiver’s part as the simplest tasks can seem insurmountable. The benefits to the aging senior to perform the task on their own are invaluable. Self esteem is rooted in self reliance.

Here are a few things to consider in your assessment:medicade_secrets_2010-1 (1)

  • Are they able to get out of bed without assistance?
  • Are they able to bath and brush their teeth with out difficulty?
  • Can they shave without difficulty?
  • Are they able to prepare a meal?
  • Do they have any difficulty with eating? Do they need assistance with eating? What kind of assistance?
  • Are they able to do dishes, light housekeeping or laundry?
  • Are they experiencing difficulties getting around the home? Outside the home?


It is not only important to assess the basic needs of the aging senior, but to assess and address their social and recreational needs and abilities.

A few things to consider in your assessment:

  • Do they have a desire to participate in an activity of social function?
  • Are there things that they enjoy doing, such as using email, writing or playing cards? Are these things that they can presently do or do they need assistance? For many, utilizing adaptive home health care products empowers aging seniors to participate in functions independently.

Develop a Person Centered Care Profile

For any problem or concern that presents itself there are usually home health care products for a solution. These solutions promote independence and freedom to successfully age in the comforts of home.


dreamstime_2549679Few homes are presently equipped to provide safety and convenience to maintain the maximum level of independence at home. This is never more apparent when a health care crisis occurs such as a fall resulting in a fracture. Falls are the number one independence robber of aging seniors.

The kitchen and bathroom are the two major accident prone areas in the home. To maintain safety, there are low tech solutions such as shower chairs, hand held showers, and even scald prevention temperature monitors to put on the water source to prevent burns. For the bathroom, there are high tech solutions such as walk in tubs to roll in showers with heat lamps. For examples visit this page

Home health care products for the kitchen can vary from eating utensils to products that turn off the stove automatically if food is left on to cook. There is a variety of adaptive equipment available to make food preparation possible for any physical condition. Check out the kitchen.

It is important to assess the home care environment to make adjustments

Home health care products promote independence and freedom for successful aging in place. There are products to ease pain and discomfort, promote mobility, and enhance ones ability to do for themselves for as long as possible.


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