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Aging Gracefully Involves a Positive Attitude and a Sense of Humor


Aging gracefully and laughter definitely mix

Did you know that research shows that we become happier as we age? Aging at home may give you the happiness and peace of mind to help you age with grace. The knowledge of life experience, changes in our expectations of life and our sense of humor all contribute to aging gracefully. As we age we live more in the moment, appreciate life and experience a sense of satisfaction and well being. Of course, happiness and peace of mind if we want to age gracefully depends on our attitude.

Humor and aging

There is nothing funny about getting older. As we age, we have a tendency to use humor to deal with the negative side of aging. We make fun of our memory lapses (senior moments), our prostate problems and other medical conditions and the effects they have on our bodily functions. Our sense of humor as we age is a great coping mechanism that assists us to age successfully and maintain a level of happiness. It also helps us to connect with others and just enjoy those around us. Laughing has such wonderful health benefits.

Making others smile or laugh promotes a sense of well being in ourselves. Your sense of humor and aging has more to do with your outlook on things than is does with your actual medical condition. Individuals with chronic medical conditions can be as happy or even happier than a healthier individual. The key to successful aging is a positive attitude.

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Happiness and peace of mind add up to successful aging

Aging gracefully is within every aging person’s control. Aging at home gives you all the ingredients to achieve happiness and peace of mind. In fact, studies show individuals with an optimistic point of view experience lower death rates than those who claimed to be more pessimistic. Of course, there is always that quirky aging pessimist that has a very dry sense of humor and makes you laugh at his negative thoughts!

Happiness and peace of mind, along with a sense humor helps people age gracefully. Aging at home, surrounded by loved ones, interacting to keep your mind sharp, contributes to looking forward to every new day. Humor and aging gives you an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy new relationships.

Aging gracefully means staying active, utilizing coping skills, and maintaining a positive attitude to overcome the challenges we face. Happiness and peace of mind comes from living mindfully and working to minimize the negative. As we age, our daily and long term goals change. We become more realistic about ourselves and our physical and mental capacities. Our expectations make happiness and peace of mind achievable.

Let’s start by looking into new possibilities


Aging at home may give you the happiness and peace of mind to age gracefully. It gives you a sense of independence and control over your life. Having that sense of control can help decrease stress in your life, as well. Aging at home also promotes moving and exercising while doing daily chores, shopping and other activities of daily living. Being home, surrounded by familiar things and people, also brings a sense of peace and calm. A sense of humor adds a touch of joy and playfulness to your life. Successful aging is just a smile or laugh away while aging gracefully!