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Brain Fitness and the Wii Not Just Fun and Games

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It’s Brain Exercises and Physical Fitnesss

Incorporating a brain fitness program and using a Wii is a great combination for healthy aging. Using Wii games promotes physical exercise and brain exercises together.

What does a this type of program involve

A brain fitness program involves stress reduction, good nutrition, variety in our everyday lives and physical exercise. Studies show that physical exercise promotes brain health. Physical exercise should be something fun, something you enjoy. If possible any physical exercise should be cardiovascular in nature. That is where the Wii games comes in, the Wii has programs that promote exercise and fun.(What’s up with that)??

A fitness program for your brain should include introducing something new and challenging. The Wii has something for everyone at every level. In fact, one of the benefits of the Wii is it can increase the challenge level as your skills improve.

Brain exercises include trying something new and different often. Challenge a friend or one of your grand children to play with you, or even against you. A little competition gets the heart racing, the spirits up and encourages socialization and stronger relationships. This is another great reason to incorporate a Wii for a successful brain fitness program. Maintaining and developing relationships is another piece of a successful brain health puzzle.

Brain Fitness Program and the Wii: Brain Exercises and Physical Activity for Healthy Aging

The Wii is also great for those that hate to exercise. There are so many different programs offered and there are not just the brain exercises. The physical exercises promote balance, strength and endurance as well. As we age, those are all very important for maintaining independence. In different parts of the country Wii bowling leagues have been developed. Some aging seniors bowl from electric scooter, walkers or wheelchairs. In some leagues the average age is 83. In one league the oldest is a woman in her mid-90s! To be able to participate and do some exercise that they could not do before keeps many of these aging seniors young at heart.

If you are looking for a useful and fun gift for your favorite adult considering purchasing them a Wii.


Watch this video on how the Wii can treat and prevent illness

A brain fitness program that incorporates brain exercises and physical activity year round is perfect for healthy aging. That leaves you the ability to exercise in the privacy of your own home, with or with out friends and to have fun while you are improving your body and your mind. Doing something you enjoy means you are going to do it more often. Studies show that physical exercise along with brain exercises can prevent or decrease that risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Having a little fun everyday makes it all worthwhile! Make brain fitness a priority for you.

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