• A month later: Sorrow and hurt, gratitude and self-care

    This is a column about hurt and sorrow, self-care and gratitude. Let’s start with the hurt. A month after my dad’s death, I am still hurting. I have been hurt deeply by people I thought I could...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • Crematorium 109
    What the Loss of a Loved One Also Takes From Us

    Loss and the resulting grief is not only relegated to the loss of a loved one. By no means is the pain and sorrow felt by the passing of someone we love diminished or negatable, but often...

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  • Stages of grief
    Are There Really Stages of Grief and Loss?

    Many hear about the stages of grief and loss.  That is a myth. There are many feelings that are common to people in grief, but the stages of grief as most commonly cited, by Kubler Ross do...

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