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    Breaking: New study legitimizes ‘Complicated Grief,’ treatment effective without meds

    When someone close to us dies, we’re all expected to grieve. For a while anyway. But then we’re expected to get over it. Putting a timeline on a person’s grieving process is ludicrous. Someone who loses a...

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    Anticipatory grief and Life After Loss

    Anticipatory grief — “pre-grieving” — is a very real thing. It can lead you into depression, and feeling overwhelmed and helpless, where it’s easier to do nothing and just coast. The upside is that in a way,...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • Emotions of caregiving
    The Negative Emotions of Caregiving that Will Kill You

    There are many negative emotions of caregiving that cause undue stress. Long term or chronic stress does kill. So let’s discuss what these emotions are and what you may want to do to overcome them. Caregiver GUILT...

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  • recovering from grief and loss
    End of Life Denial, Decisions and Caregiving

    End of life denial is a very strong emotion. We just had a member of our support group leave us. This happens, for a variety of reasons. The reason this time was that the former member became...

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