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    Breaking: New study legitimizes ‘Complicated Grief,’ treatment effective without meds

    When someone close to us dies, we’re all expected to grieve. For a while anyway. But then we’re expected to get over it. Putting a timeline on a person’s grieving process is ludicrous. Someone who loses a...

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    Anticipatory grief and Life After Loss

    Anticipatory grief — “pre-grieving” — is a very real thing. It can lead you into depression, and feeling overwhelmed and helpless, where it’s easier to do nothing and just coast. The upside is that in a way,...

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    Dealing With Grief : Anniversaries….

    Dealing With Grief Anniversaries…. Some months seem to be really momentous in a person’s or family’s life. For instance, there may be several birthdays within a single month, or special anniversaries. Combined in months which have holidays...

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    Are There Really Stages of Grief and Loss?

    Many hear about the stages of grief and loss.  That is a myth. There are many feelings that are common to people in grief, but the stages of grief as most commonly cited, by Kubler Ross do...

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