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    Breaking: New study legitimizes ‘Complicated Grief,’ treatment effective without meds

    When someone close to us dies, we’re all expected to grieve. For a while anyway. But then we’re expected to get over it. Putting a timeline on a person’s grieving process is ludicrous. Someone who loses a...

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    Anticipatory grief and Life After Loss

    Anticipatory grief — “pre-grieving” — is a very real thing. It can lead you into depression, and feeling overwhelmed and helpless, where it’s easier to do nothing and just coast. The upside is that in a way,...

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    Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

    Dealing with grief during the holidays… Fa la la! Happy Holidays! Deck the halls, stuff the turkey, bake the pies. Set the table, decorate every corner of the house. Smile!   The holiday season is upon us...

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