• Senior female whisper nurse
    Caregiver Regrets, Remorse and Prizes

    Someone asked me recently how to deal with the fear and caregiver regrets they feel. Fear because their parents are dying, fear because their world is changing; regrets that they didn’t do this or that to stop...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • caregiver burnout quiz
    Caregiver Burnout Quiz How Do You Rate?

    Here is a caregiver burnout quiz!  Take it often, to check your level of caregiver burnout. Providing care for someone else brings many experiences into a family caregiver’s life. Some are positive and rewarding. However, there is...

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  • Overcoming Caregiver Guilt

    Dealing with caregiver guilt has become an everyday occurrence for many aging baby boomers. They find themselves caring for elderly parents and their own family. As the “sandwich generation” many find themselves dealing with caregiver guilt and...

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  • Caregiver Guilt While Caring for a 94 Year Old Mom Revealed

    Dealing with Caregiver Guilt Donna Harris writes in from Troy, OH I live with my 94 year old mother. I have been caring for her for 10 plus years. Some days are better than others. I have...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • Feeling Caregiver Guilt Over Long Term Care Placement? This Will Help

    Tony of Toronto, Canada share his caregiver guilt over the decision for long term care placement. Tony shares: My mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 3 years ago. She was living in a basement apartment of...

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