• Banned from seeing her dad, Kerri Kasem refused to give up. Just like me

    By David Heitz I believe the most efficient way of creating change is by honestly, openly and thoroughly sharing our own war stories, whether they pertain to caregiving, addiction, a battle with cancer, or whatever the struggle...

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  • A month later: Sorrow and hurt, gratitude and self-care

    This is a column about hurt and sorrow, self-care and gratitude. Let’s start with the hurt. A month after my dad’s death, I am still hurting. I have been hurt deeply by people I thought I could...

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • The future is in our hands
    The Future Assisted Living Is In Our Hands- Part 4

    Why the Future  Assisted Living is in our hands My Response to Granger Cobb and the ALFA and ASHA As a nurse that has almost 40 years experience, I welcomed the Frontline story. It is a long...

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  • Elderly walking
    Dangers of Assisted Living, Part 2

    Are You Aware of the dangers of Assisted Living?  When I tell my clients that Assisted Living is the most dangerous part of the medical delivery system, I think that they believe I am exaggerating. How could...

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