• Life After Caregiving, Re-entering, One Step at a Time

    Life After Caregiving Re-entering Life, One Step at a Time was written by Sharon Clayton, a caregiver and friend. I want to tell you a story and it’s not a bad one, a sad one, or an...

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  • facing our own mortality
    The Death of a Caregiver

    Rebecca died yesterday. She died very quietly, sitting in her chair in her little home, on her husband’s family farm. She died alone, probably of a heart attack, while her husband was out in their fields, attending...

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  • Senior female whisper nurse
    Caregiver Regrets, Remorse and Prizes

    Someone asked me recently how to deal with the fear and caregiver regrets they feel. Fear because their parents are dying, fear because their world is changing; regrets that they didn’t do this or that to stop...

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  • A Caregiver’s Journey Includes Loneliness

    A caregiver’s journey… Sometimes we feel so alone in our lives… no one seems to give a damn about what happens to us as caregivers, what kind of toll it will take. It really doesn’t help much...

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